Goosebump moments with art and life


Arts enthusiast and volunteer, Juliana Lim wants to make art accessible to the public through NUSS initiatives such as the Paint-a-Portrait Project and exhibitions at the arts gallery.


Juliana Lim measures life in ‘goosebump moments’, or that tingly euphoria felt on the skin when something moves within deeply. Read more...

From the people, for the people


Close to a year into his role as Chief of Navy, RADM Lai Chung Han talks about the people powering Team Navy, and how he keeps his team motivated.


Chief of Navy RADM Lai Chung Han doesn’t want people of the Navy to stand on ceremony around him.


He prefers, instead, to understand them.

Driving the Dream: David Works Garage


The love of classic cars transports David to his past and is the fuel of his life. Clara Lock details David’s undying love for classic cars.


Peer into David Chan’s classic car workshop and it might take a moment or two to spot him. He soon emerges from behind the bonnet of a dusty blue Mini Cooper, screwdriver still in hand, picking his way through a maze of cars and clutter. His fingernails are grime-caked and his blue jeans are faded with wear, but the 68-year-old is living his dream. Read more...

Time Capsule: The Katong Antique House


More than just a collection of family heirlooms and memories, Peter Wee’s Katong Antique House is a precious window into Singapore’s Peranakan heritage. Clara Lock documents the importance of preserving, remembering and sharing our memories. 


Peranakan antiques collector Peter Wee can still picture the dining table in his childhood home, piled high with Chinese porcelain and Western dolls his family had discarded when they moved out of their rambling Waterloo Street bungalow. Read more...

All in the Family: Ah Seng Duck Rice


The Ngs have built the lives of two generations around a single braised duck recipe – one that was cobbled together through trial and error.


In 1965, Mr Ng Kim Seng, then in his twenties and the youngest of three brothers, came up with a braised duck recipe based on the Teochew flavours they were so familiar with at home. Cooking was in their blood – his father and eldest brother sold porridge and his second brother, laksa. Read more...