Tadpoles To Frogmen


The 40th batch of NDU trainees puts the Team in Team Building Week.


Every batch of NDU divers owns a t-shirt that proclaims they have survived Team Building Week (TBW), a shirt they design as a batch and wear with pride long after repeated washings have rendered it worn and faded.


It is a badge of glory, a sign they have fought their way through one of the toughest training regimes in RSN and emerged triumphant. Read more...

Guarding The Gulf Of Aden


Twilight out at sea is a swift descent of daylight into the cover of darkness.


As visibility dips, vessels in the distance are quickly reduced to specks of light on the horizon; shadowy silhouettes on the ship’s electro optic sensor system (EOS).


Navigation becomes more difficult; the bridge is bathed in an unearthly palette of reds and greens – lights specially chosen to help the human eye adapt to the night. Read more...


A Search For Hope


When Air Asia flight QZ8501 went down in the Java Sea, Singapore lent a hand to the international search for answers, and closure.


Every man and woman deployed on search operations for Air Asia flight QZ8501 scrapped plans when they were activated.


SLTC Chow Khim Chong, who led the underwater search operations from MV SWIFT RESCUE, was awaiting his father’s surgery the next day; ME2 Daniel Liao, Chief of the Fast Craft department on landing ship tank (LST) RSS Persistence had barely been married three days.  Read more...

A Helping Hand


In Northern Sulawesi’s coastal village of Tinombo, medical care isn’t always easily accessible. So the RSN and the Indonesian Navy (TNIAL) brought it to the village in this year’s operation Surya Bhaskara Jaya (SBJ).


The crowd had gathered by six in the morning at Tinombo’s Raja Tombolitutu hospital, even though the clinic was only meant to start at nine. Read more...

Rite Of Passage


Crossing the equator is a rite of passage that Navy men and women proudly go through. Navy News editor Clara Lock joins the 74th batch of Midshipmen as they make the journey from pollywog to shellback.


They haul us from our beds at five in the morning.


It concludes the series of ominous pipes that have been playing through the night – Pollywogs, we are coming to get you! – is the common refrain amidst menacing cackles and throaty laughs. Read more...

A Complete Smile


 Five-year-old Syahrini was born with a cleft lip, a cogenital condition that appeared as a break in her upper lip. This is how plastic surgeon LTC (Dr) (NS) Chong Si Jack reconstructed her smile. Read more...

The World Is Their Office


With more work opportunities growing overseas, what would contributing to Singapore and keeping rooted to home look like in the future?


This September, some 3,000 overseas Singaporeans will gather in San Francisco for Singapore Day 2016. Singaporean artistes will work the crowd with Singlish accents, and hawkers will dish up familiar flavours such as laksa and nasi lemak. Read more...

Rise of the Freelancer


People operating as individual businesses are on the rise, as more workers seeking freedom and independence enter the freelance pool to build their personal brand. Challenge explores what this means for Singapore’s overall workforce.

When Mr Zakaria Zainal left his first job as a trade ofcer at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, a freelance career was not top on his mind. Read more...